Click of the Wrist – I, Robot

As the Iraq and Afghanistan wars drag on, the US Army and Navy have reportedly hired UK experts to create ?soldier bots??robots that can be sent into battle but will be programmed not to violate the Geneva Conventions. If you think robots are just the stuff of science fiction, think again.

History of Robotics

It doesn’t claim to be complete, but this history of robotics, complete with pictures, offers some interesting facts?including da Vinci’s humanoid robot built in 1495.


This CNN report on the robot Hubo brings the fascinating age of I, Robot one step closer. The technology is impressive, but the robotic psychologist claiming that robots will be our best friends is a little worrisome.


Honda’s ASIMO is amazing: an advanced humanoid robot able to act autonomously. It’s hard to imagine the amount of programming needed to create these levels of balance and agility.

50 Best Robot Movies

And here I didn’t know there even were 50 robot movies. This Times Online compilation of the best of the genre proves that someone has a lot of time on their hands. Maybe because they have a robot?

How to Build Your First Robot

This tutorial isn’t flashy, but if you ever wanted to know how to build a robot for under 50 dollars, this is the place to go.