Click of the Wrist – ‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is upon us, and no matter how you celebrate there will be food and drink and making merry?and some of the worst Christmas gifts, music, and films around. Here’s a look at some of the oddest holiday goodies on offer.

Magical Reindeer Gem Ornaments

There isn’t any magic, but they certainly come from reindeer, and the varnish and glitter probably make them look like gems. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you might want to read the article before shelling out five dollars for one of these ?ornaments.?

Worst Christmas Tree

Oh dear. There’s nothing else to say, really. Apparently, this £200 tree is so sad that officials in England’s County Durham have had to erect a ?Caution Under Repair? sign in front of it.

Worst Holiday Albums

Highly subjective, of course, but this list by the Chicago Tribune includes some of the most genuinely awful Christmas songs ever recorded.

Twenty Worst Holiday Movies

Again, choosing the worst of the worst is all a matter of taste, but Entertainment Weekly has come up with some solid choices. Feel free to skip this one if there’s a well-loved copy of Jingle All the Way in your DVD collection.

Wackiest Holidays

Okay, so most of these celebrations don’t take place in December, but Time?s look at some of the world’s strangest celebrations makes great-aunt Mildred’s fruitcake look almost inviting. I suddenly have the urge to make a bonfire out of a Viking longboat.

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