Click of the Wrist – Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

This week, It’s all about the food. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Shabe Yalda, Saturnalia?no matter which occasion you celebrate, there’s nothing quite like special foods to add to the good cheer. You won’t find anything quirky here; just links to some old favourites?and maybe some new ones!

Traditional Christmas Food

If you’ve invited your friends (or the in-laws) over for a homemade Christmas feast but have no idea where to start, this BBC site has you covered. You’ll find everything from tips on choosing a bird to edible gifts to canap├ęs?and then some.

Non Traditional Holiday Fare

Here are some recipes straight from the newly released cookbooks of four Canadian authors. I’m not sure about the stewed octopus, but bring on the chocolate bourbon pecan pie!

Top 8 Hanukkah Dishes

These traditional Hanukkah dishes will probably be familiar to many, but if you’ve never tasted plum-spiced beef brisket or warm, fluffy challah bread, You’re in for a treat.


With a name that means ?first fruits of the harvest,? Kwanzaa is sure to tempt your palate. This site has main dishes, snacks, centrepieces, and you can also find directions on how to make a Kwanzaa family history book. Salmon croquettes, anyone?

Shabe Yalda

This ancient tradition is celebrated in Iran with a night-long feast in which the host shares food with family and friends. Originally, offerings were limited to fruit and vegetables in season, but recipes now include such delicacies as yogurt-and-eggplant dip and grilled fish with Seville oranges. (Just be sure to scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the link to these and lots more.)