The Voice Best of 2008

Welcome to The Voice Magazine’s Best of 2008 issue!

Each year, we take a look back at some of the outstanding writing we’ve published during the past 12 months, and this issue had plenty to choose from.

You’ll find your regular favourites here, including ?From Where I Sit,? a column That’s been offering Hazel Anaka’s perceptive and refreshing viewpoint on the foibles of life since 2003.

And if you’ve enjoyed the lush, surreal prose of Bill Pollett’s ?Lost & Found,? his latest column, ?Porkpie Hat,? will pull you further along intriguing literary paths.

For those who like a diverse mix of books, films, and music, there’s always something new to discover in ?The Mindful Bard,? as Wanda Waterman St. Louis searches out today’s most enlightened, thought-provoking artists (and in ?The Interviewer,? her wry social observations are just as finely tuned as ever).

Another favourite is Christina M. Frey’s ?AU Profiles.? Along with these fascinating glimpses into the lives of AU students, her musings on life always bring a smile, and we think you’ll enjoy her article on toddler philosophy just as much as the first time it appeared.

The past year also brought many new and talented voices to The Voice, as well as the occasional visit from familiar voices?far too many to list here, so feel free to wander through the Best of 2008 and enjoy!

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