Click of the Wrist – Moving Day

While President Barack Obama may have a large staff to deal with all the messy details of moving, the average person dreads all that packing tape and the miscellaneous clutter that always seems to get dumped into a box at the last minute. In honour of the big move that took place in Washington this week, here’s a lighthearted look at two words that strike a chill in even the stoutest of hearts: moving day.

National Geographic Monster Moves

On the National Geographic program Monster Moves, teams tackle shifting the 700-ton Murillo Hall across a city, relocating the entire town of Malmberg in Sweden, and many other seemingly impossible feats. These photo galleries give a glimpse at just what it takes to move these man-made mountains.

Building Stonehenge

Now this is the man you want around when It’s time to move?whether It’s a couch or an entire house. Wally Wallington isn’t an engineer, but in this amazing video he demonstrates how basic principles could solve the mystery of how Stonehenge was built. And he proves it by standing a 19,200-pound block on its end.

Excuses for Getting Out of Helping Your Friends Move

These folks didn’t come up with any terribly original excuses?some could barely stumble through their answer?but the expressions on their faces are all too familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to wrangle in a friend with a pickup truck.

5 Ways To Con Your Friends Into Helping You Move

If You’re on the other end of the moving spectrum, this site offers some handy tips on how to recruit people to help slug your belongings around. Just be prepared to see some of the expressions from the website above.

Raccoon Moving Day

Not exactly action packed, but this video of a mother raccoon relocating her litter is a reminder of just how difficult things would be for humans without the marvels of cardboard boxes and moving trucks.

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