Operation Dialogue – Take the Challenge!

Do you know all the words to Canada’s national anthem? Can you rattle off the names of every prime minister?and the years they were elected?

Whether You’re a whiz on Canadiana or need to brush up on the names of the capitals, the Talk About Canada!? Scholarship Quiz is back and you could win some great prizes.

Students who are Canadians or Permanent Residents of Canada can earn scholarship money for tuition by taking the online quiz (full contest rules can be found here). The quiz has 51 multiple-choice questions on Canadian subjects and there are 61 prizes?including one $5,000 prize!

It’s sponsored by Operation Dialogue, a non-profit organization which was founded in 1998 by a group of committed Canadians interested in promoting dialogue among Canadians on what it means to be Canadian.

The next Talk About Canada!? Scholarship Quiz will be online from 10:00 a.m. EST January 19, 2009 to 10:00 a.m. EST March 23, 2009, but you can start testing your knowledge right now.

These questions are from the archives of Operation Dialogue’s annual Talk About Canada!? Scholarship Quiz. Students interested in a scholarship can go to www.talkaboutcanada.ca to enter this year’s quiz.

The answers to this mini-quiz are included below. Good luck!

1. Which artist created the painting At the Crease, a portrait of an anonymous goalie, which has been described as a national icon? a) Ken Danby, b) Emily Carr, c) Bill Reid, d) Cornelius Krieghoff

2. Which top-selling acoustic jazz vocalist won a 1999 Grammy for When I Look In Your Eyes? The album was also nominated for Album of the Year, the first time a jazz album had been nominated in twenty-five years. a) Glenn Gould, b) Buffy Sainte-Marie, c) Robert Charlebois, d) Diana Krall

3. Which doctor, already world famous for another discovery, developed a method to make a plentiful and inexpensive supply of Heparin, which would permit doctors to do vein transplants and heart surgery? a) Dr. Charles Herbert Best, b) Dr. Wilbur Franks, c) Dr. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, d) Dr. Norman Bethune

4. Who first developed the technique for mass bottling soft drinks, a breakthrough that revolutionized the soft drink industry? He was also the inventor of ?The Champagne of Ginger Ales? a) John McLaughlin, b) Peter Pitseolak, c) Lawren Harris, d) Paul Kane

5. What rower was so badly injured before the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 that doctors predicted that he/she would never row again? This outstanding athlete, after numerous operations, went on to win the Bronze medal five weeks later. a) Silken Laumann, b) Chantal Petitclerc, c) Karen Kain, d) Percy Williams

6. Which aboriginal leader was highly regarded by both sides during the war of 1812? The British considered him to be a heroic ally who played an essential role in saving Upper Canada; the Americans viewed him as an honourable enemy who fought bravely to defend his people. a) Matthew Coon Come, b) Poundmaker, c) Tecumseh, d) Joseph Brant

7. Who was the skipper who sailed the famous Bluenose (the ship that appears on our Canadian dime) to victory in every race against American challengers between 1921 and 1938? a) Elkanah Billings, b) Sir William Logan, Dr. Gordon Murray, d) Angus Walters

8. Who was the Canadian who discovered kerosene, which replaced whale oil as a lamp fuel and brought an end to the American whaling industry? a) Robert Borden, b) Armand Bombardier, c) John Hopps, d) Dr. Abraham Gesner

9. What was Canada’s biggest tourist attraction between 1934 and 1945? a) The Famous Five, b) The King’s Daughters, c) The Grey Nuns, d) The Dionne Quintuplets

10. Which Father of Confederation brought Newfoundland and Labrador into Confederation and then remained as premier for almost a quarter of a century? He has been described as a colossus even though he only stood five and a half feet tall. a) Lester Pearson, b) Joseph Elzéar Bernier, c) Mackenzie Bowell, d) Joey Smallwood

Answers: 1) Ken Danby, 2) Diana Krall, 3) Dr. Charles Herbert Best, 4) John McLaughlin, 5) Silken Laumann, 6) Tecumseh, 7) Angus Walters, 8) Dr. Abraham Gesner 9) The Dionne Quintuplets, 10) Joey Smallwood