Click of the Wrist – Party Time

As if a global financial meltdown isn’t bad enough, It’s February. That’s right?that dull, cold month when the thrill of making snow angels is long gone and we’re left staring at the dirty clumps of snow that the plow has just left at the end of our driveways. What better way to cheer up than with a party?or the comical results of other people’s parties gone wrong?

Cake Wrecks

The description for this website says it all: ?When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.? And boy, did these cakes go wrong. Be sure to check out some of the fan favourites (links are on the right, halfway down).

Bad Party Dresses

Ever wish you had enough money to wear one of those fabulous designer get-ups that the stars always glide down the red carpet in? Think again. Money is no guarantee of good taste, as these disasters show. Luckily, these stars weren’t all going to the same party.

Weird Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s one thing to like snowmobiles, or cell phones, or even King Kong. But why would anyone feel the need to add them to a wedding-cake topper? Or worse, to use a cake topper to publicize the fact that the happy couple met in a strip club? Yeesh.

Worst Wedding Toasts Ever

Ah, the wedding toast?dreaded by those who have to give them and those who have to sit through the ones that actually are as dry as toast. The ones on this site may be inappropriate, but at least they get high marks for being interesting.

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