From Where I Sit – Seeing is Believing

One of the premises explored in the bestseller The Secret was the idea of visualization. Visualization is touted as one of the steps to manifesting reality.

Like everything else in the book, this is not news. Athletes have used this strategy for years to rehearse and pre-play award-winning performances. Visualization largely occurs in one’s head, imagining anything from PacMan-like cells chomping and destroying cancer cells to seeing yourself deliver a flawless speech. Or maybe It’s picturing financial abundance, you in the corner office, a desired life mate.

Vision boards take visualization to the next level. At its simplest, this involves cutting out words and images from magazines and attaching them to poster board or a scrapbook. As always there are a number of ways to make this a more creative and personalized process. There are countless websites devoted to this phenomenon. It’s possible to subscribe to a vision board service that will provide online graphics, music, and images to add another dimension to keeping this front of mind.

On one hand you’ve got a handmade paper version at home in your office or on the fridge. The high-tech version is available all day long at the click of the mouse. These images can be downloaded onto handhelds to further increase the availability and portability of these reminders.

According to The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life, you must first become clear on your intention for what you intend to manifest in your life.

Vision boards can be thematic (finding a mate, getting fit, making more money, et cetera) or more generic. They can be mini works of art using watercolours or collage-like techniques. Attaching fabric, ticket stubs, drawings, ribbon, photos, or anything else of significance makes the board special and in my opinion reinforces the message to the subconscious.

A vision board is a goals list made visible and a signal to the universe. Believers know that those simple acts (writing down goals, creating a vision board) combined with action marshal the unseen forces of the universe.

My first vision board included magazine images of palm trees, a diamond ring, a motorcycle, a baby, holiday trailer, and a stock certificate, among many, many others. In days I’m off to Mexico; we now have two motorcycles, a gorgeous diamond ring for our thirty-fifth anniversary, a small stock portfolio, and a pregnant daughter-in-law. Coincidence? Or a vision board made real?

Incidentally, the dream home, Eiffel Tower, and others have yet to appear. My current vision board is devoted to health and fitness. Much as I like pictures I seem to like words more. Some key words or phrases include ?small steps, great strides; no ifs, ands or buts; your body is talking, are you listening; celebration; It’s better to have a body in shape than to obsess about the shape of your body.?

Seeing is believing, from where I sit.