Click of the Wrist – Faking It

Never mind lead-painted toys and melamine milk?this week, the latest consumer hazard is the lowly toothbrush. It seems that cheap knock-offs have loose bristles that are causing people to choke. When You’re done checking that your Colgate 360 is the real deal, here are some more oddities from the land of fake stuff.

Worst iPod Knock offs

Most of these rather dubious-looking items are satisfied with trying for a vague resemblance to a real iPod, but at least one of them actually has the famous Apple name plastered across its front. Apparently, they spent so much time getting the name right that they forgot to include the click wheel.

The Aretha Franklin Hat

Yes, that hat. Love it or hate it, you can now buy an almost-identical copy. It isn’t strictly a knock-off because the original designer is selling them, but only the Queen of Soul gets the one with rhinestones.

I Can Has Happy

All these interesting knock-offs were spotted in China. The logo imitations are pretty good, so you’ll have to look closely to make sure your Coca-Cola isn’t really Cala Cala, and that familiar Starbucks sign isn’t leading you into a Sunbucks.

Disneyland in China

Well, it looks like Disneyland, complete with Cinderella’s castle, Donald Duck, and Snow White. But this theme park has nothing to do with Disney?and officials there claim the character that happens to look exactly like Minnie Mouse is just a big-eared cat. Sure.

Worst Fake Walkman

We’ve come a long way from the Sony Walkman, but it really was a big deal when it came out in the ?80s. Big enough that everyone was scrambling for one and if you couldn’t afford the real thing you might have ended up with something like this.

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