Click of the Wrist – Colour My World

Crayons are a little like paper clips: one of those everyday objects that are so familiar they’re often overlooked. These artists saw something more in those coloured sticks of wax, though?and their creations speak for themselves.

Amazing Crayon Art

Artist Christian Faur creates intricate images with crayons. But he doesn’t colour with them. Instead, he creates pictures out of the crayons themselves, ?packing thousands of them together so they become like the coloured pixels on a TV screen.? Amazing indeed.

The Crayon Artist

Jeffrey Robert takes a slightly more traditional approach, actually applying the crayons to paper. The result is gorgeously detailed images that prove crayons are more than child’s play.

Crayon Carving

If you prefer your crayon art in 3D, you’ll enjoy these crayon carvings by Diem Chau. The commissioned works with accompanying photos are especially interesting.

Incredible Carved Crayons

Here’s a different take on carved crayons, this time by artist Pete Goldlust. It’s hard to imagine how he can virtually hollow out a crayon and create such incredible designs, but . . . well, see for yourself.

Crayola Art Techniques

If You’re feeling inspired by the results that can be achieved with a box of crayons, it makes sense to go straight to the source for some tips: Crayola. The crayon maker’s website offers hints for everything from using melted crayons to using a tjanting needle?and you don’t even need to stay inside the lines.

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