From Where I Sit – My 25, Part I

Because I’m not a Facebook devotee I didn’t know they were encouraging people to write 25 random facts about themselves until I read about it in a piece in The National Post.

Writer Gene Weingarten rose to the challenge and wrote 26. I say a resounding ditto to his number 19, about never stepping on a scale naked because that little bit of clothing can provide an excuse for any weight gain. His number 24, regarding poor spellers, also rings true for me. Honestly, how can you take these people seriously?

As I read his list, I considered the gauntlet dropped, so here goes with my take (in two parts):

1. The minute I get home I change into ?farm? clothes. Clothes so old, worn, and unsightly that only farm animals could forgive them.

2. I love the colour, ways, and textures of fabric and have more bolts and remnants and good intentions than you can shake an upholstered stick at.

3. Since consulting a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine I no longer drink anything but hot water. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have refrigeration, so at a cellular level our bodies are not equipped to deal effectively with icy cold drinks (or carbonated or caffeinated beverages either). Sounds crazy but is surprisingly easy.

4. I am inwardly horrified when people say ?I seen,? because there is no conceivable way on earth that could ever be appropriate. Ever. Yet I’ve never found a kind way to say anything.

5. The TV show Criminal Minds is a secret pleasure. Shouldn’t I be embarrassed to admit that I’m fascinated by the depravity?

6. There are more books in my house, at this precise moment, than I can possibly read in the remainder of my life. That fact hasn’t stopped me from buying four more on my last trip into Edmonton.

7. I will tolerate an embarrassing amount of dust and disorder if there’s something better than cleaning to do. (PS – Anything is better than cleaning.)

8. Pears are, in my opinion, sensual. I have some gilded, decorative ones on a bookcase in the living room. I’ve done still-life pears in watercolour and acrylic. Hilary bought me a watercolour of five pears in Paris. Vive la poire.

9. I secretly love ironing, except when my sciatica makes my right leg go numb when I stand in one spot too long.

10. A herd of 12 mule deer just marched down the road and I’m still awed by the sight. Since our hay bales are being protected by a straw perimeter they must be wondering where their next meal is coming from.

11. I’ve had gel nails for the past several months and I love everything about them except the cost of upkeep.

Here are my first 11 ?facts?: not life altering, not revelatory, just fun. How about using the time between part one and two to generate your own 25? I’d like to see yours, from where I sit.