Click of the Wrist – There Ought to be a Law

It seems that even the long arm of the law has had to cut back a little lately: a court in Ohio is so far behind in paying their bills for basic office supplies, it will only accept new case filings from people who bring their own paper. Here are a few more oddities from the land of legalese.

Caught in the Act

It’s no secret that a lot of underage teens enjoy a drink or two, but this trio picked the worst possible place: the parking lot of their local police station. According to this news report, their lawyer ?couldn’t explain the teens? decision-making process that night.?

Dumb Lawsuits

Locked up for credit card fraud, speeding, and theft? No problem. Just file a $23 million lawsuit against NASCAR, claiming It’s all their fault for influencing you. That’s just one of the ridiculously stupid lawsuits people are clogging up the courts with.

Possibly the Worst Law Firm Ad in History

If nothing else, you’ve got to give them points for transparency, but this is quite possibly the worst law firm ad ever. (It’s even more incredible if the ad is real, but be warned that it includes some strong language.)

Worst Lawyer

Well, maybe just the worst lawyer in Michigan, but this law professor withdrew from his teaching position after a local news report revealed some of the complaints about him. One student defended his former prof, pointing out that ?he obviously is not teaching us the unethical practices he took part in while practicing.?

Longest US Court Case

When Myra Clark Gaines filed her claim to an estate in 1834, little did anyone know that it would drag on for nearly 60 years, finally being decided in her favour in 1892.