From Where I Sit – My 25, Part II

Facebook suggests writing 25 random facts about your life. Last time I gave you my first 11 and a couple that a Post writer offered up in his 25.

Did you do your confession with tongue firmly in cheek? Did you include oddball quirks or raging rants? Were you clever or pithy? Did you just sit on your hands? Here as promised are the remaining 14 on my list.

12. Despite having a perfectly serviceable, attractive office I still do most of my ?stuff? on a laptop on a small table in the living room. Makes for a bit of chaos but hey, It’s my house, my life. Would I be more productive in a more businesslike setting? We may never know.

13. Will I lose my girl card if I admit I only cook because I have to? If I had a do-over I would have taken some cooking classes somewhere along the way and approached this as a field of study or interest like any other. Maybe It’s not too late.

14. I watch (and enjoy) Project Runway Canada.

15. Making jewellery for my metal-sensitive skin is a challenge and a joy. I love the creative potential and the meditative escapism the process provides. Besides, why should I buy a piece for $10 when I can make it for $20?

16. Alstroemeria is one of my favourite flowers. I like the exoticism of the blossoms and the myriad colours available. The only missing piece is scent.

17. I have a weakness for footstools and small tables.

18. Aubergine, plum, amethyst?no matter what you call it, I love it. I have a significant collection of glass pieces from a custom-made square plate/art piece to flea market glasses, votives, and vases. Grouped together on a sideboard they make me smile.

19. Snow days are a treat for adults, too. A pot of homemade soup, a good book, pyjamas all day, a cheesy made-for-TV movie midday: who could ask for more?

20. I don’t like cats but I despise mice so That’s why we have a bunch of farm cats. I take personal pleasure in their success at grabbing and devouring those little vermin.

21. Sometimes, when it doesn’t matter, I sacrifice quality just to get things done. I’ll grab a piece of junk mail and scrawl a drawing or a list on it. I don’t need a pristine piece of paper, a straight edge, a protractor, and a five-dollar pen to get ?er done. Quick and dirty.

22. Hot Couture, White Diamonds, Euphoria: scent of a woman.

23. Nothing pleases me more than scoring a well-made ?50s slipper chair for 15 bucks in a thrift store, changing the upholstery, and having a brand new piece for my home or Hilary?s.

24. I have a green thumb but if you shrivel, brown, and drop You’re outta here faster than you can say philodendron.

25. In August I will become a grandmother for the first time. My prayer is for a healthy baby and many years to enjoy this new chapter.

This has been fun, from where I sit.