If you didn’t make it to the AUSU AGM 2009, you missed a great chance to catch up on all the work your council’s been doing?as well as the opportunity to chat with councillors and ask questions about anything that might be on your mind.

The Voice was there to bring you the highlights, and you can find the 2009 Annual Report on the AUSU homepage, along with a link to a detailed explanation of all the motions presented.

One motion involved a change to the definition of an AUSU associate member. As policy 4.1(b) stood, these were defined as members who pay less than the full AUSU membership fees. The policy amendment (approved at the meeting) now defines associate members as ?AUSU Councillors or Members not currently in an active AUSU course.? Because elected councillors may be between courses at the time of an AGM, and therefore unable to vote on any motions, the amendment ensures that they will remain within the membership definition and be able to fulfil their duties as councillors.

There were other key amendments to membership definition (clearly explained in the links above), but another important change to note involves AUSU membership fees. First, article 4.4.2 was added to the Bylaws, stating that ?Membership Fees are $3 per credit for any AU course? (membership fees were not previously defined in the Bylaws).

Second, the change reflects an increase in AUSU membership fees to $3 per credit, or $9 for a 3-credit course (fees have remained at $8 for a 3- or 4-credit course since 2001). Along with clearly defining the fees, the change will equalize the overall fees paid by each member over the duration of any AU program, unlike the previous structure, which lumped 3- and 4-credit courses into the same fee category.

Students attending the AGM asked council several questions about the fee change, after which the Special Resolution was unanimously approved. If You’re curious about the rationale behind it, council has done a thorough job of explaining it and you can find all the details beginning on page two here.

And finally, one of the highlights was council’s report on Priority Activities and Planning. From a Tutor of the Year contest to improved complaint tracking to new awards, your council has completed several important projects to benefit members. And they’re hard at work on developing more, including an AUSU radio/podcast, a points program, and an orientation booklet for new students.

To find out more about the AGM or any other council activities, just follow the links to contact them!

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