Click of the Wrist – Wild Life

With over half the world’s population now living in urban jungles, we don’t give much thought to daily life in the other kind of jungle: the wild kind. Here’s a look at the rich (and sometimes surprising) world outside the city limits.


These intoxicated gorillas may look like they’d be right at home on a bar stool, but in the jungle the drinks are free and nobody has to worry about taking the car keys away. Sadly, nobody told them that friends don’t let friends swing from trees drunk.

Clever Critters

Just when you think It’s safe to leave your tools lying around, some clever crow will make a food-fetching hook out of them. And they may have figured out how to make face masks out of wood shavings, but those naked mole rats are still ugly.

Animals Like Us

This Babelgum film is nearly an hour long, but the quality is excellent and the look at tool-using animals is fascinating. Grab a coffee, sit back, and take a visually stunning look beyond the cubicle farm.

Geometry in the Jungle

Forget navigating through the jungle by looking for landmarks?researchers used GPS technology to discover that chimps use mental maps ?built around geometric coordinates, as opposed to a navigation style based on landmarks for well-travelled routes.?

Surviving the Jungle

Here’s the setup: ?Your helicopter has crashed on a jungle island. The pilot is dead. The radio destroyed.? Can you survive? The boss might think this Discovery Channel game is a timewaster, but you never can tell when those jungle survival skills will come in handy.

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