Click of the Wrist – Easter Egg Hunt

It’s Easter, and that means there’ll be bunnies and chocolate and, yes, decorated eggs galore. But instead of searching for the hard-boiled kind, we’ve got an Easter egg hunt of our own?from the electronic ones hidden in DVDs to the exquisite craftsmanship of Fabergé and beyond.

Faberge Eggs

It’s hardly an exhaustive look, but these images of original Fabergé eggs offer a glimpse at the exquisite craftsmanship that turned the creations of jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé into the stuff of legend. Most of the delicate artworks are now in museums, and valued at several million dollars apiece.

DVD Easter Eggs

From secret stocking stuffers in The Polar Express to hidden anime in Sin City, this site offers directions to find the extras (and errors) in a long list of popular films.

Amazing Easter Eggs

Traditional hand-painted eggs are dandy, but how about ones covered in fabric? Or ones that look like Lego? This astonishing array of artfully decorated eggs will make your Paas kit look like child’s play.


These delicately carved egg sculptures are amazing?especially since each one is handmade (the jigsaw-puzzle rhea eggs are particularly interesting). Just choose from the links on the left to read all about the painstaking process that goes into creating each one.

New York City Easter Parade

Okay, so there’s not an Easter egg in sight, but New Yorkers certainly know how to do things in style?and that includes their annual Easter parade. Feast your eyes on some of most fantastical millinery you’ll ever see.