Click of the Wrist – Traffic

Just a few more weeks and the travel season begins in earnest. Weekend drives to the cottage, taxicabs to the airport, lineups to get on the ferry. Whether It’s planes, trains, or automobiles, there’s one unavoidable fact of life: traffic. Next time You’re inching along the highway, just be glad You’re not stuck in one of these traffic jams.

Top Gear Worst Traffic

The popular TV program offers these astonishing shots of some of the worst traffic snarl-ups around the globe. Russia may have vehicles jammed 10 lanes wide, but the solid wall of mopeds and scooters in Vietnam takes top prize.

Sao Paolo

With more than 20 million people living in the greater metropolitan area of Sao Paolo, Brazil, residents actually have time to study another language, make dates with strangers, and watch DVDs while they’re sitting in their cars. Now That’s gridlock.

Worst Traffic in the US

This Forbes list of the worst traffic spots in America is a couple of years old, which means the congestion in these cities is probably even worse today. The I-15/State Road-92 Interchange in Salt Lake City is a prime example: with traffic levels expected to increase by 200 per cent in the next 10 years, ?either the lake or the forest may have to move.?

Moscow Traffic Jam

This video might have been shot in Russia, but you’ll be able to understand the soundtrack: the honking horns of drivers stuck in the chaotic ballet at an intersection.

Britain from Above

And finally, if you think manoeuvring the roads can be tough, try juggling the traffic at an airport. This BBC clip shows a remarkable image of all the GPS traces of every aircraft entering British airspace over 24 hours, ?more than 7,500 aircraft . . . carrying more than half a million passengers from every corner of this little green planet.?