From Where I Sit – To Be a City Girl Again

The other day Roy and I were in Edmonton. We made the big loop starting with a visit to a farm near Vilna. Roy was scoping out a John Deere 7720 combine to be sold during a farm auction.

The yard was a terrible mess after a six-inch dump of wet snow the previous day. We can only imagine how that guy would feel. Auction dates fill up quickly and are typically booked a year in advance. To have the weather not co-operate because of rain, snow, or extreme cold really hurts. At any rate, the combine looks pretty good so Roy will return on sale day and see how the prices go.

From there we stepped into Smoky Lake so I could drop off my marriage commissioner business cards at the new registry office. The community has been without registry services for nearly a year and I gather there’s a steep learning curve for the new agent.

We then headed into Edmonton via Highway 28. I missed most of the scenery and landmarks because I was reading. Is it any wonder I’m confused by all but my most regular routes? I’ve got to look up occasionally or maybe even offer to drive now and then!

The road seemed especially long and we got into the city just in time for a late lunch. Because we’ve fallen into a food rut lately I suggested Swiss Chalet for a change. Roy was reluctant and tried to change my mind but I held firm. We hadn’t been there for years and the menu has changed significantly?though of course chicken still rules.

The hot chicken sandwich we ordered was huge and has turned Roy into a believer. Next time we’ll share one order.

The rest of the afternoon was spent picking up parts for the tandem grain truck end gate at four different locations and returning other parts that don’t work (picked up on a previous trip). Through it all I continued to read and tuck new receipts into my carryall as Roy made purchase after purchase.

The day took a turn for the better when Roy suggested we check out the huge Ashley furniture store in the west end of town. I especially liked all the accessories and wall decor pieces. We did look half-heartedly at night tables because we need a couple, but like many consumers are keeping a check on non-essential spending and walked out empty-handed.

Next stop: Windermere North, the site of this year’s Full House Lottery grand prize dream homes. Aaahhh! I could happily live in any one of these million-dollar homes. The cash, car, and trip thrown into each prize package simply sweeten the pot. At this point in my life I would happily swap chasing down another used combine and repairing an old grain truck for a gorgeous new large move-in-ready dream home, one close to all the amenities we do without in the country.

Please Lord, give me a chance to be a city girl again. That would be a dream come true, from where I sit.

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