Click of the Wrist – Book It

An interesting result of the economic downturn is the rise in popularity of reading. Book sales are reportedly up and people are flocking to their local libraries in droves. Here, in honour of that dependable standby, is a peek among the pages.

Detectives Hunt Overdue Library Books

Officials in Norfolk County, England, take their overdue library books seriously. So seriously that they hired private detectives to hunt people down who owe money on overdue books, CDs, and DVDs.

Medieval Help Desk

This Norwegian video is a great satire of the modern helpdesk, as a man tries to figure out the latest medieval technology: the book. ?Open it? If It’s that simple I wouldn’t have called helpdesk, would I??

Smallest Book in the World

There are millions of miles of library shelves in the world, but this owner of Chekhov’s Chameleon would only need a teeny, tiny corner for his book: it measures a mere .9 by .9 millimeters, ?not much larger than a grain of salt.? The miniature volume is one of only 100 published, and contains 30 pages and three colour illustrations.

Largest Book in the World

If you don’t have a magnifying glass small enough to read Chameleon, don’t worry?you won’t need one to flip through Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Kingdom, a 60-kilogram, 122-page book certified by Guinness as the largest in the world.

Seinfeld Library Detective

The Norfolk County council might take their overdue library books seriously, but they’ve got nothing on Seinfeld’s Mr. Bookman.