Click of the Wrist – Weigh to Go

With news of the latest weight-loss product on people’s lips (literally?It’s lip gloss That’s supposed to suppress appetite), we couldn’t help wondering about some of the other odd weight-management schemes that have come along. So pry your eyes off the scale and check out some of these interesting gems (interesting, though not necessarily recommended).

The Thin Line

This site takes you on a tour of unusual dietary practices through the ages, from the Brussels sprouts diet to being a Breatharian (living on air, light, and little else). Anyone need to go to the vomitorium?

Diet Drinking Water

Hmm, let’s see: drink a bottle of Skinny Water an hour before each meal to suppress your appetite. No idea how much a bottle of this stuff costs, but since water is a natural appetite suppressant, you might want to reach for the tap before you reach for your wallet.

The Victorian Workhouse Diet

Although the typical diet of children in Victorian workhouses (bread, cooked meat, rice pudding or suet, gruel, broth) wasn’t meant as a weight-loss fad, it appears to be making a comeback: for the first time in more than 100 years, the Manual of Workhouse Cookery has been republished. Watery gruel all round!

25 Of the Most Ridiculous and Ineffective Popular Diets

No surprise here. Although these ?miracle? weight-loss plans vary from the tapeworm diet (swallowing a live tapeworm) to the Hollywood diet (subsisting on nothing but juice) and beyond, they all have one basic rule in common: limiting caloric intake. And to think people have made millions by marketing common sense.

Slow Food

Slow food. Just the sound of it conjures up images of fresh, local produce, delicious aromas, and long conversations as you enjoy the sights and tastes of your meal. If You’re scarfing down some fast food as you stare at your computer, push those French fries aside and savour a few minutes here.