From the Gallery

There was plenty of activity in the reports section of council’s May 4 meeting, but first here’s an update on several action items that were approved.

Motions were passed on amendments to two Council Governance policies: 2.01 – Conflict of Interest and Bias and 2.02 – Students Council Responsibilities. (If You’re interested in reading these or any other AUSU policies, you can find them online in the Operating Policies section of the website.)

Another interesting note is that council accepted amendments to the policy for AUSU’s Points Program, so we’re sure to be hearing more about this new program soon. And if you’ve ever thought about running for council, you’ll want to know about a proposed policy on potential bias. With the AU Graduate Students’ Association (AUGSA) up and running, council discussed issues that could arise if students were elected to both the AUSU and AUGSA councils. It was generally agreed that AUSU councillors should not serve on both at the same time.

As we reported last time, AUSU has been gathering feedback from students about the MyAU portal and Executive Director Tamra Ross noted that the info was welcomed by the AU committee reviewing the site.

In awards news, the VP External reports that AU’s student awards committee is working on creating awards that are available to a wider array of students. And in council’s own awards report, it was noted that a high number of applications have been received for travel awards, and all current funds have been given out.

And finally, councillor Heather Fraser noted that the media committee has been active and ideas are flowing for ways to bring audio and video podcasts to members.

The next general meeting will take place July 13, so contact AUSU for info on how to attend!