Letters to the Editor – Enjoying Some ‘Drive-Through Decorum’

Letters to the Editor – Enjoying Some ‘Drive-Through Decorum’

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Re: ?Drive-Through Decorum? by Kimberley Sanders, v15 i16 (2009-04-24)

I’d just like to say how very much I enjoyed Kimberley Saunders article on courtesy. I wish everyone would not only read it but take it to heart as she’s right on the money!

Over the years I’ve had many experiences that validate her thoughts and while each made me happy they were sad at the same time. One year I called the butcher shop that I’d bought ground pork to make a traditional festive dish with and told them how pleased I was with their meat, not to mention their always excellent service, and the person I spoke to said I’d made Christmas for them and he’d be sure to let everyone know. Very rewarding, certainly, and yet rather tragic even at that time of the year this was so special to a well run, wonderful little shop.

A few weeks ago after getting an exceptional pizza I called back and thanked the person who answered the phone and told them how much we enjoyed it. The gentleman on the phone was taken aback and when he finally found his voice said that had never happened to him before in his 34 years in the business.

All very nice for me, this opportunity to make people happy, though I hadn’t thought of that at the time when I was doing it and it makes me sad that saying thank you to people for making my life a little easier, a little better, should surprise someone so. It says far more about the people who don’t, as Kimberley said, have enough common courtesy to realize that the people they meet in the course of their day are exactly like them, doing their best to make their way in the world and a little human kindness and understanding would go a long way to make everyone happier.

Hopefully we’ll be reading more from Ms. Saunders in the future, I truly believe she has some wisdom to offer.

Thanks again,