Click of the Wrist – The Tube

On June 12, television stations in the US made the switch from analog to digital. In spite of a long-running advertising campaign, It’s estimated that some 2.8 million homes are totally unprepared for the switch. Here’s a look at some of the other milestones in the history of TV.

The First 75 Years

This site offers a look at TV’s first seven decades. You’ll have to navigate through a few layers, but the rewards include plenty of fantastic old print ads and photos of antique televisions from the US, Britain, and France.

John Logie Baird

If you’ve ever plonked yourself onto the couch, put your feet up, and whiled away several hours staring at your favourite shows, you should take a moment to thank John Logie Baird. His may not be a household name, but this Scotsman’s invention has definitely become a fixture in most homes.

Television Milestones

No idea how accurate some of these ?firsts? are, but this video covers just about every one you can think of, including the first soap opera, the first African-American performer, the first sitcom, and the first political broadcast.

How Television Works

The technology has come a long way since this film was made by General Motors in the ?50s, but for an interesting blast from the past, check out this video that explains just how TVs used to be built?complete with ?magic tubes.?

The Future of Television

This CBC article gives an in-depth look at just how we might be watching television in the not-too-distant future?and it looks like the Internet is going to be the place to catch your favourites. None of the major players have figured out the fine points yet, but the race is definitely on.