Letters to the Editor – Drive-Through Decorum Resonates with Reader

Letters to the Editor – Drive-Through Decorum Resonates with Reader

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Re: ?Drive-Through Decorum? by Kimberley Sanders, v15 i16 (2009-04-24)


Great article.

The textbox call-out that reads ?If you can’t demonstrate common courtesy, civility, and the spirit…? really resonates with me. I think as a society, we have somehow or another taken the old and antiquated notion of how we treat ?servants? and transposed that on to the ?service providers? that help to make our world tick. That includes the good people at Starbucks and Tim Hortons that provide the service that gets folks like me up and running and off to execute daily activities. A big part of my day is that warm and cheerful welcome that I get from my Starbucks Barista just before I ingest their delightful concoctions that usually help get my day off to a great start.

I try to take this experience and ?pay it forward” to other people I come across during my day. To be mean or disrespectful to one of these Barista’s is unthinkable.

If Sanders’ stats are right, here’s word of advice to the 40-ish year old cranky pants women barking meanness at the Starbucks window:

Buy yourselves a coffee machine, some Starbucks? coffee beans from Costco, and make your coffee at home. Then get in your car and drive to wherever it is you go to with your windows closed and the air conditioning on, if you so chose.



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