Click of the Wrist – Inheritance

When Luis da Camara of Portugal made out his will, he didn’t have any family to leave his estate to. But that didn’t stop him: he chose 70 strangers from the local phone book and put them in his will. Here’s a look at some of the other interesting ways people have spread the wealth.

Flying High

This week, a British man who had inherited over $72,00 dollars went on a spending spree?handing out wads of his newfound cash to strangers at a Spanish airport (alcohol reportedly fuelled his generosity).

Luis da Camara

Along with Mr. da Camara’s interesting way to choose his heirs, this article reveals several other unusual bequests, including one by the author Robert Louis Stevenson, who tried to leave his birthday to a friend.

Modest Millionaire

2007 seemed to be a very good year for generous bequests?including one to complete strangers who received millions from ?modest millionaire? John White. While Mr. White handed out $2 million to hospitals and schools (one of which had never heard of him), family members only received $40,000. The best thing? They didn’t begrudge the lucky recipients one bit.

One Big Tip

For seven years, waitress Melina Salazar smiled through even the most cantankerous demands of customer Walter ?Buck? Swords?even when he cursed at her and ordered food so hot it burned his mouth. All that smiling paid off, though. When Swords passed away, the patient waitress came into $50,000 and a car.