Click of the Wrist – ?Pop? Culture

A bottle of liquid, a plastic wand, and it doesn’t take long for the magic of bubbles to captivate adults and children alike. These images preserve the ephemeral beauty of bubbles to be enjoyed again and again.

The Moment a Bubble Bursts

This astonishing photo captures the precise moment that a bubble bursts. Using a 1/500th of a second shutter speed, the photographer took the image on a day ?when weather conditions were ?absolutely perfect???just like this shot.

The Amazing Bubble Man

In this musical montage, Louis Pearl captivates his audience with truly amazing bubble artistry. Pure magic, whether You’re five or 55.

Dolphin Bubbles

These dolphins in Japan aren’t just playing with rings placed in their tank; instead, these graceful creatures are blowing bubbles and chasing the rings in a beautiful underwater ballet.

Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble

For purists, ?a bubble is not a bubble until it is freely floating through the atmosphere, attached to nothing.? At Extreme Bubbles, Inc. this philosophy led to a Guinness world record, for a soap bubble that, if filled with water, would weigh 3.2 tons and hold 788 gallons.