Click of the Wrist – Ice

Whether It’s a tiny cube in a glass or an enormous berg floating across the ocean, ice comes in a surprising variety of forms for such a simple substance. Here’s a look at just a few of its many faces.

The Blue Lagoon

When it comes to chunks of ice, glaciers are the granddaddies of them all?until they melt, that is. These images from Iceland reveal the progress of a melting glacier as it breaks into a lagoon and eventually flows out to sea.

Ice Sculpture Mouse Trap Game

Remember ?Mouse Trap,? the Milton Bradley game with ramps and traps and that kicking boot? Well, two guys in Grand Rapids, Michigan, decided to see if they could make it work on a larger scale. Oh, and this version is made entirely out of ice.

10 Most Creative Ice Cube Trays

Who says ice cubes have to be boring? And we’re not talking cute little strawberry-shaped ice cubes, either. From Lego blocks to dinosaur bones to the Titanic, there’s an ice mould to suit just about any kind of drink out there.

Okamoto Studio Ice Sculpture

It’s one thing to see a completed ice sculpture, but this clip from The Martha Stewart Show gives a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process of designing and creating an intricate piece of ice art?in this case, a reindeer.

Clever Uses for Ice Cube Trays

While some people have been busy trying to make ice cubes more exciting, others have been coming up with inventive ways to use those bland old square moulds.