Click of the Wrist – Tree Houses

There’s something irresistible about watching the world from a perch among the branches, and tree houses are as popular today as ever. Assuming your zoning bylaws don’t cramp your style, these images prove that the sky’s the limit.

New Tree Houses of the World

Pete Nelson, a leading tree house designer and builder, has travelled the globe in his quest for unique tree house designs. These images are part of the book that came out of that search, New Treehouses of the World.

Amazing Tree House Designs

These tree houses cover the spectrum from high-end designer models to the practicalities of tree living in the jungles of the Brazza River Basin in the Indonesian province of Papua. Local tribes there build homes as high as 100 feet in the air to escape the pests?and sometimes each other.

Tree House Restaurant

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand, located 10 metres up a redwood tree, is about more than just dining in the boughs. The goal was to see if a project could be completed using only the services found in the Yellow Pages. You can see the results for yourself, complete with plenty of photos and videos.

Tree House Hotel

Why just visit a tree house for dinner when you can spend a week (or more) in one with all the comforts of home? This video takes you on a tour of the 10 tree houses available to guests at the Out ?n? About Treesort in Oregon. (The interview with the resort’s owner is a good reminder that, with a little persistence, It’s possible to make a living doing something you love.)