Click of the Wrist – Funny Face

Whether we’re mugging for the camera or tattooing stars on our foreheads, our faces are perhaps the most important way we present ourselves to the world. From strange expressions to unusual implants, here’s a look at some interesting faces.

Dive Into It

These world-class athletes at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome have more important things to think about than smiling for the camera?but the result is unintentionally funny.


Gurning is ?the art of pulling a face? and in this video Tommy Mattinson, the world gurning champion, demonstrates just what it took to win the title. Gurning may not be pretty, but It’s come a long way from its beginnings back in the 13th century?all the way to The Tonight Show.

Seeing Stars

You’ve probably already heard the tale of Kimberley Vlaminck, the 18-year-old who claimed to have fallen asleep in a tattoo parlour and ended up with 53 more stars on her face than she wanted (a claim the tattoo artist denies). Either way, her father’s expression at the end of this video is priceless.

Skull Implants

If you think facial tattoos are extreme, you’ve probably never seen skull implants. The man in this video also displays something called transdermals (be warned, this clip is definitely not for the squeamish).

Baby Face

There are only four photos here from Babble Playground’s funny face contest, but each one is classic. With the eternal nature of Internet archives, here’s hoping that the photos don’t surface to haunt these poor kids? junior high days.