Around AU – Exam Request Deadlines Changed

September brings changes for all students heading back to school?and this year, there’s an important change that AU students need to know about.

Effective September 1, the exam request policy will change, and that means new deadlines for arranging exams.

Requests for invigilated exams inside Canada and the US must now be made 20 calendar days before the exam write date. For students outside Canada and the US, requests must be made 30 calendar days in advance.

(The previous deadline, which ends August 31, was that exam requests within Canada and the US needed to be submitted at least 10 calendar days before the planned write date.)

Although the deadlines are longer, the updated policy also contains a new option for writing exams late. If students request an exam after the 20- or 30-day deadlines, they can now write their exams up to 30 days after the course end date. The late-request fee is $50 and applies to all exams requested after the deadlines (even if the exam does get written before the course end date).

The 30-day allowance may prove to be a welcome alternative to a standard course extension, which is two months at a fee of $165. You can find full details about AU’s current exam policies in the Examinations and Grades section of the online calendar.

If You’re an AU student and want to share your thoughts about the change, join the conversation titled ?Changes to Exam Request Policy? in the General Student Chat section of AUSU’s discussion forum.