Click of the Wrist – Say Cheese

From Edam to Gouda to plain old cheddar, every cheese is somebody’s favourite. Unless, of course, It’s Vieux Boulogne, a French cheese with the dubious honour of being the smelliest in the world. This week, we take a look at some new ways to enjoy that humble standby?cheese.

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

Stand at the top of a long, steep hill with up to 20 other competitors. Wait for a double Gloucester cheese to be set on its way down the hill. Hurtle after the cheese at reckless speeds, likely incurring injuries. The prize? The cheese. The event? The annual Gloucestershire Cheese Roll. I’m already in training for 2010.

Cheddar Art

If you thought playing with cheese strings was creative, wait until you see the sculptures created by Sarah Kaufmann, also known as the Cheese Lady. It takes an average of six to 12 hours to create one of these artworks using just a small sculpting tool.


With the millions of websites out there, you just knew there had to be one devoted to cheese. has cheese supplies, cheese recipes, a cheese bookstore?and a database with details on 670 cheeses.

Cheese Cigarette Filter

That’s right?back in 1966, an inventor actually patented a cigarette filter made of cheese. According to this site, the magic behind Patent No. 3,234,948 is the filter of ?grated cheese preferably mixed with charcoal.?

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Not many people would be able to sell a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich on eBay, especially when the sandwich is 10 years old. This one went for an astonishing $28,000 though. Apparently, the toasted treat featured an image of the Virgin Mary on it.