Click of the Wrist – Bee-eautiful

We may not like their sting, but the loss of the world’s honeybees would be catastrophic. Bees pollinate as many as 250,000 species of flowering plants, giving us everything from chocolate to cotton. This week, we take a look at the productive pollinators.

Sniffer Bees

This falls into the category of things that seem so simple, It’s amazing no one has thought of them before. In the wild, honeybees ?are very effective at isolating and following [a] scent.? So why not train them to detect explosives?

Suit of Bees

Most people run at the sight of just a single bee. These folks, on the other hand, look perfectly comfortable with thousands of bees crawling on them. From bee beards to full-body suits, this is definitely not something to try at home.

Silence of the Bees

This acclaimed PBS production documents how the sudden disappearance of millions of bees could have dangerous effects for humans: the tiny insects ?account for one third of the food That’s produced? in the US alone.

Crime Fighting Bees

Honeybees aren’t usually associated with serial killers, but the bees? behaviour could offer police valuable help with something called geographic profiling. It’s hoped that experiments with bees ?will allow criminologists to perfect their technique, and predict a serial killer’s location with more accuracy.?

Flight of the Bumblebee

It’s one thing to hear Korsakov’s feverish classic. It’s quite another to watch the incredible precision of an orchestra as they bring the familiar favourite to life.