From Where I Sit – Diversions, Distractions, and Dalliances

From Where I Sit – Diversions, Distractions, and Dalliances

Oh, the number of distractions on a foggy October morning when a person should be writing! The gloom outside my window today permeates my mood and exacerbates the gnawing realization that our 55 acres of canola remains lying in swaths on the cold wet ground rather than in the grain bin. Or better yet, converted into about 12 thousand dollars in our bank account.

The forecast for the next several days isn’t good. Any canola crop that overwinters is unsellable because of mouse-dropping contamination, so the spectre of loss is real as October inevitably turns to November. The rain we’ve gotten in the last few days would have been welcome in April, May, June, July or even August when crops and pastures needed it. Now it feels more like a slap in the face.

So can you blame me for seeking a diversion? So far this morning I’ve reformatted a ratty circa 2007 phone list that was taped to the inside of the kitchen cupboard door nearest the phone. Then I returned a phone call from a friend and talked grandbabies plus continuing education requirements for the life license we each hold.

I also checked out the website for the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts. Last week I ripped an ad out of the National Post for their correspondence program in creative writing. There’s a veritable who’s who of professional writers offering students 30 weeks of help with a book-length manuscript. Everything sounded wonderful except the three thousand dollar tuition. With their track record of published students It’s likely worth every penny. It’s just a bit rich for this particular writer with 12 thousand dollars worth of canola lying on the cold soggy ground. Onward.

I then checked the Metro continuing education flyer from Edmonton. You see, I’m drawn to course schedules like a hummingbird to nectar. I ignored all the courses I would love to take (like the Thai it Up! cooking course) and spotted one my daughter might love: Stand-up Comedy. She has her parents? quirky sense of humour and a whole lot more chutzpah. It’s five Tuesdays starting in January and includes an optional chance to perform at The Laugh Shop. I quickly tapped out an email to her outlining the important bits and hit send.

All the while I’ve got my eye on the clock to make sure I tune in to CISN FM to get the tropical words of the day to enter into the contest for one of the trips to Huatulco, Mexico. I’m also doing the Westjet – Edmonton Journal print and online contest for other trips. Winning one, or any, of these trips would go a long way to forgetting the crummy weather?and did I mention the canola waiting to be combined?

We’ve now had lunch and watched half of the noon news. It’s still dreary out there but thanks to distractions, diversions, and dalliances I’m only 50 minutes away from the next tropical word. Hope springs eternal, from where I sit.