In Conversation With . . . Girl + the Machine

Girl + the Machine is a Toronto-based experimental rock and multimedia fivesome known for ecstatic delivery and a wealth of engaging musical and visual ideas. They recently released Hello Earth on the Aporia label (see Voice review here). Lead singer Jackie recently took the time to answer some of Wanda Waterman St. Louis’s questions.


My childhood was very simple and fun. I enjoyed all the singing contests in elementary school. I grew up in Toronto from the age of 11 years. Before that I was in Malaysia.

My musical background was in voice and a little bit of flute. My instruments are my voice, different dialects, and my computer.

Creative Inspiration

Books: subjects related to vegetarian food, well-being, and spirituality. Music: Viva! La Woman by Cibo Matto, Bjork, Portishead, world music. Film: Swallowtail Butterfly (Japan).

Holding on to Good Energy

Being happy is important. I try to be a ?responsible? vegetarian, eating five colours of veggies and fruits. I exercise, do Chinese energy practice, stretch, and get massages whenever I can.

About Aporia

Aporia has been wonderful! We have an affinity. Aporia saw our performance years ago and today we are with them. They don’t BS and waste time. They are very supportive and give us a lot of freedom and space in our direction. We love working with Aporia.

Social Conscience

We secretly insert social conscience messages into our music and lyrics. We would like to share and promote positivity and energy.

Writing a Song

Sometimes the visual image comes first. Sometimes the beat inspires a song. Sometimes the lyrics come first. Then the group gets together and completes the song.

The Typical Girl + the Machine Fan

Someone who plays our album on their iPod repeatedly, recognizes the message behind our music, and finds peace and comfort in them.

The Band’s Name

Originally it was me and my machine (the computer). I do all my creative work with the computer and cannot live without it, hence the name Girl + the Machine. Then the real machines joined (the big boys).


We joke, we share health tips, eat Asian snacks, and then start playing. Or mix it up.


Western and Eastern philosophy, vegetarianism, environmentalism.

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