Click of the Wrist – Hotelier

Whether It’s a five-star luxury resort or the simplest accommodations, most hotels rely on the same basic equipment: bed, bath, and TV. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some truly different hotels out there, and this week we venture into the strange world of theme hotels. Dibs on Poseidon Mystery Island.

Poseidon Hotel

Next time You’re in Fiji, why not book a room in the world’s first seafloor resort and relax in a suite 40 feet under water? And if you get tired of the view, you can always keep busy ?manoeuvring a 1,000-foot-capable personal Triton submarine through [a] glorious tropical lagoon (pilot training included).?

Strangest Theme Hotels

What do the Beatles, fairies, pirates, and frogs have in common? All these (and many, many more) are the themes of hotels around the world. Whether you want to sleep in an antique Pullman car or channel Elvis at the aptly named Heartbreak Hotel, this site’s got something for everyone.

Weirdest Hotels

If you enjoy a little philosophy during your hotel stay, the Hotel de Filosoof in Denmark lets you choose from themed rooms, including the Nietzche, Marx, and Aristotle. Or, if You’re in the mood for something more spartan, you can check into a cell at The Old Jail, formerly South Australia’s State Prison. You can check out any time you like . . .

Hamster Hotel

After your stay in one of the philosopher suites, you may be able to analyze this interesting hotel in Nantes: it offers guests the chance ?to become a hamster.? A guest room inside the 18th century hotel has been fitted out like a hamster cage, complete with a giant exercise wheel and a feast of hamster grain.

Capsule Hotel

Maybe you can’t decide whether you prefer your bed above water or below. In that case, the Capsule Hotel in Amsterdam may be just the thing. Guests can spend a cramped night inside one of two ??refunctioned? escape capsules from an off-shore oil rig,? luminous orange capsules afloat on a canal.