Click of the Wrist – Matchless

Last week we looked at the hidden beauty in tendrils of smoke. This week we get a little closer to the source of that smoke: the humble matchstick.

Painting with a Matchstick

Sometimes, it pays not to think big. It can even pay to think very, very small. As small as the end of a matchstick. That’s what Devon artist Annie Drew does, applying ?thousands of dots of paint with a stick.? The results are astonishing.

Matchstick Marvels

Artist Patrick Acton doesn’t paint with matchsticks, but he does build incredible things with them. In this case, It’s a model of J.R.R. Tolkien’s City of Kings, Minas Tirith. After two years of construction, the model contains 420,000 matchsticks?and it still isn’t finished.

Matchstick Masterpiece

This model galleon, crafted from thousands of matchsticks, is over 10 feet long and took more than seven years to build. The ship’s creator, Bernardo Casasola, can also build working musical instruments out of matchsticks. His next project? A 33-foot replica of the Titanic.

Matchstick Puzzles

If you like brain teasers, look no further than this website and a handful of matchsticks. The best part is, there’s a link to the solution beside each puzzle.

Toothpick City

Okay, they’re not matchsticks. But these incredible creations by Stan Munro are definitely worth a look. Ankgor Wat, the CN Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge?name a temple or tower and Stan has probably built it.

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