Click of the Wrist – Christmas Lights

Incandescent or LED, snowflakes or baubles, simple string or computerized display. The choice in Christmas lights is bigger than ever and it seems that everybody loves them. If you haven’t put yours up yet, you may find some inspiration in these sites.

Cinderella Castle Christmas Lights

If you enjoy Christmas lights but not the work of putting them up, just be glad You’re not decorating Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. It takes six weeks, 200,000 lights, and 18 miles of cable to create the shimmering display. But the real magic is that it only uses enough power to run three clothes dryers.

Pedal Power Christmas Lights

In Copenhagen, everyone has gathered around for the grand lighting of the Christmas tree. The difference is, these lights are powered by pedaling. Each section of the tree is connected to a bike, and everyone from school children to professional cyclists will take a turn at powering the lights.

Ultimate Christmas Lights

There’s no end of incredible Christmas light displays out there, many of them set to music. This video gives a behind the scenes peek at the hours it can take to create a display?and the reason one couple keeps putting the work in year after year.

Christmas Lights from Around the World

From Boston to Colombia to the UK, these Christmas light displays are amazing (if only for the amount of lights they require!). Along with the photos is the interesting history of just how the illuminating Christmas tradition got started.

Coca Cola Christmas

The lights aren’t electrical but this Coca-Cola commercial from the ?70s is a classic. And the candles, Christmas tree, and message of hope are still a wonderful sight.

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