Click of the Wrist – Santa Claus

Just like Santa, we’ve got a little something for young and old alike this week. Kids will enjoy the official NORAD Santa tracker, which keeps tabs on St. Nick from the moment his sleigh lifts off. And if you’ve ever stood in an hour-long lineup with overheated, cranky kids just to get that one special photo . . . well, you may appreciate the other links.

Official Santa Tracker

Who better to find out where Santa’s sleigh is than NORAD? They use ?four high-tech systems to track Santa?radar, satellites, Santa Cams and fighter jets.? Of course, it also helps that ?Rudolph’s bright red nose gives off an infrared signature,? allowing satellites to locate Rudolph and Santa.

Real Bearded Santas

Yes, Virgina, there really is an Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas. These jolly red-suited helpers aren’t the real Santa, of course, but they do their best to help him out while he’s busy getting ready for Christmas. And when they’re not busy with holiday duties, they ?continue to work throughout the year, giving to charities? in various communities.

Scary Santa

Yes, we know It’s not funny that some little kids don’t warm to Santa the first time they meet the jolly old elf. And we know that at least some of these tots will be embarrassed by those photos when they get to be teenagers. But still . . .

Santa Photo Contest

So what could be worse than some websites posting photos of unhappy children on Santa’s knee? How about when the kids? own dads submit those photos for a contest? This collection only contains three photos but they’re all classics. And the kids are bound to feel better knowing that their dads won some cool prizes.