From Where I Sit – 2010 Awaits

Reflecting on 2009 as it winds down seems the most natural thing in the world. And while it wasn’t a spectacular one there is much to be grateful for; we are enjoying an embarrassment of blessings. Indulge me as I say thank you.

Thank you to loyal readers who take the time to say something I’ve written has touched you or provoked thought or made you laugh. It’s incredibly easy, in the solitude of my office, to forget that the minute I hit send it allows you, dear reader, to be privy to my life and thoughts. I am humbled by the opportunity.

Thank you to those friends who through emails and visits have given me what I most needed in a year of challenges: unconditional support and love. You get me. I am touched by your knowing, your reassurance, and your belief that life’s blessings come in circuitous, unexpected ways.

Thank you for the opportunity to see, up close and personal, nostalgia and simplicity even in the 21st century. We attended a 60th anniversary celebration for the Zawale Rural Electrification Association in a small community hall. Hearing about the accomplishments of visionary farmers in 1949 makes me wonder if we could or would rally around a common cause today. The people connected to this hall capture the best of community: volunteerism, friendship, and fun. The musical entertainment by five precocious kids reminds me that the simplest things create the warmest memories. It was a treat to talk to people I haven’t seen in a long time and meet some new ones.

Thanks to Hilary, Roy and I had the chance to work our butts off helping her company pull off a huge job at the beautiful new Edmonton Expo Centre. I’m awed by the army of people?janitors, caterers, rigging and lighting techs, client service reps?that make a party happen. Kudos to all involved in creating a night of glitz.

Thank you to family. Sherry and Jim work really hard yet so often are the ones initiating impromptu get-togethers. At the last one a game of canasta for eight broke out (and yes, the girls shellacked the boys).

Thank you to Greg and Carrie for giving us Grady; Jeff and Andrea for giving us Danika. Two babies will rekindle the magic of Christmas eroded by the passage of time and the onset of adult worries and cynicism. Thank you to Hilary for being the selfless catalyst who awes us with her energy, passion, and generous spirit. Thank you to my mom and George for steadfast support year in and year out. Thank you to Roy for an enduring love; you are my rock.

Finally, heartfelt sympathy to all who suffered this year. Losses come in all shapes and sizes and are not limited to death. For those battling declining health, unemployment, family breakup, or loss of dreams know that this too shall pass and blessings come in the most unexpected ways.

Merry Christmas. The gift that is 2010 awaits us, from where I sit.