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Cindy Kilborn spent 22 years as the Administrative Manager of a large Edmonton law firm before retiring in 1991. After moving to Baptiste Lake and ?spending a couple of years being ?retired,?? however, Kilborn decided that she ?much preferred working? and joined AU as the Manager of Learning Services Tutorial in 1996. In January of 2008, she became Manager, Special Projects, in the Office of the Vice President, Academic.

Kilborn’s ?first exposure to AU? came prior to her ?retirement,? when ?law students who were articling with the firm? took required accounting courses through AU. ?I spent many an hour assisting these students with their courses,? Kilborn explains, ?and was very impressed with the breadth of the courses being offered by distance through AU.?

?When the opportunity to join AU became available I jumped in with both feet and here I am 12-plus years later,? Kilborn says. ?Best decision I ever made!?
From her office on the main AU campus in Athabasca, Kilborn works ?to oversee and undertake specific project work, either developmental or research,? in support of the role of the Vice President, Academic.

?This involves an ongoing commitment to acquiring understandings about the operations of the university, as well as developing knowledge bases in a wide variety of substantive areas related to the effective management and delivery of open and distance learning experiences for graduate and undergraduate students,? Kilborn explains. ?It also entails an ongoing understanding of the operations of the university, developing and maintaining lines of communication, and consultation across the University.?

In her current role as Manager of Special Projects, Kilborn doesn’t feel that there is such a thing as an ?average? day. ?Every day is different depending on what I am working on at any given time,? she says. ?Some days I spend all day doing research, other days I spend all day in meetings and/or consulting with others. Highlights are when a project ?comes together? and we have a cohesive plan to move forward.?

Kilborn enjoys ?the challenges and complexity? of her position, as well as ?researching and learning about different aspects of distance education; what is happening within other distance education institutions; [and] how can we improve/advance AU in online delivery.?

?Effective management and delivery strategies for open and distance learning experiences for graduate and undergraduate students are core to the success of our academy,? says Kilborn. ?I believe that the projects I work on foster these goals and support the smooth running of the university.?

Kilborn spends her spare time enjoying nature with her husband and their two Newfoundland Retriever dogs, Duskie and Teddie. ?I enjoy long walks through the woods with our dogs (even in -40 degree weather), canoeing, travelling, and spending time with my family,? Kilborn says, which now includes a great-grandchild.

With her husband, Kilborn has also ?spent considerable time travelling in South America and Mexico,? and as such, she believes that ?it is now time for [her] to learn to communicate in their native tongue.? She plans to join ?the student population by going back to school to learn to speak Spanish.?

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