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What better way to lose the winter blahs than to peek at something bright?like, say, colourful spring clothes? The only thing is, You’re not likely to see any of these designs in your neighbourhood. That’s because they’re made of everything from chocolate (yum) to human hair (yuck). And you thought harem pants were a debatable fashion choice.

Chocolate Fashion

On the down side, you wouldn’t want to wear these chocolate outfits on a hot day. On the plus side, you’d never have to worry about satisfying a sudden chocolate craving. The chocolate-rose handbag featured here is gorgeous; just make sure you don’t have sweaty palms.

Melissa Plastic Shoes

These plastic fashion statements are courtesy of a pairing between the Brazilian shoe brand Melissa and designers like Vivienne Westwood and J. Maskrey. If the thought of wearing plastic shoes conjures up images of those ballet flats at the dollar store, think again.

Newspaper Outfits

Even if You’re not a fan of Project Runway, this slideshow offers a look at some incredible creations. The assignment was to create an outfit out of paper, and these designers . . . well, ran with it. The winner was a trench coat made of newspaper, complete with fake fur collar.

Money Dress

It’s already gone down as Hollywood legend that Australian designer Lizzie Gardiner wore this American Express-card dress while accepting an Oscar in 1995. But She’s not the only one. This article includes a link to Paris Hilton’s money dress, as well as a $275,000 dress made of Australian gold coins.

Hair Dress

Yes, this dress is made entirely of human hair. It was created by a Croatian company and consists of just over 50 metres of hair (click on the photo for a slightly closer view). It’s not the only garment made of human hair, though; others were on display in 2008 at the London College of Fashion awards.

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