Around E-Campus – Lee Benson

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Lee Benson is a Course Maintenance Clerk in the Office of the Registrar at AU, and has been with the university for almost eight years. ?I started in Examination Services,? Benson says, ?and was there for over four years, and then I started my current position in Course Maintenance about three and a half years ago.?

?My position involves setting up course information in our system, and making changes to course information in the system also,? Benson says. ?I set up the general course information, and I set up the course sections which the students register in. I send out notifications to staff when courses are open, closed, or open in a new revision.?

Benson works at AU Central, and says that ?every day is different,? with a variety of tasks and projects. ?I get most of my work by email, such as requests to create course sections, forms for new courses, forms for changes to course information, and enquiries that I need to reply to.?

Benson doesn’t have the chance to interact with students very often, but has appreciated ?the opportunity to interact with staff from a lot of different departments.?

Working at AU, Benson says that ?there are always new things to learn, as something comes up every once in awhile that I haven’t encountered before, and things are always changing. It is always interesting.?

Outside of work, Benson ?enjoys watching home decorating shows.?

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