From the Gallery

With AUSU’s new council elected and the Annual General Meeting fast approaching, change was in the air at the latest public council meeting on March 24.

Although the new council hasn’t officially taken the helm yet, some newly elected councillors were at the meeting, ready to learn the ropes.

Several items on the agenda dealt with financial matters, and one notable example is AUSU’s decision to start an investment plan. The move will see a certain percentage of AUSU funds placed into risk-free investments, with a minimum of $75,000 kept in reserve for operating expenses.

In other finance news, The Voice will have a separate bank account set up for its operations. The decision is in keeping with the goal of increased autonomy for The Voice.

And in the Executive Director’s report there was an update on the possible new staff position, with discussion centring on making student liaison a focus for the role. That fits well with news from the Vice-President Finance and Administration, Sarah Kertcher, who noted that AU’s projected enrolments for the next two years are over 9,000 graduate students and more than 64,00 undergrads.

don’t forget?the AUSU Annual General Meeting takes place April 6 at 5:00 pm MST. See you there, from the gallery!