AUSU Election Results, Upcoming AGM – April 6

Following the excitement of the recent AUSU election, council is now busy planning their Annual General Meeting, scheduled for April 6. The meeting takes place at 5:00 pm MST and, as always, all members are “invited to attend and be heard.” You can call the office to book a line, and the AGM includes an open discussion period—a great chance to chat with councillors, ask questions, and hear what’s on the minds of other AU students! All the details and contact info can be found on the AUSU home page.

And in election news, the results are in. Nine candidates stood for election and “eight were duly elected by receiving more yes votes than no votes.” For the 2010-2012 council term, the eight councillors are: Ashley Seely, Barbara Rielly, Bethany Tynes, Joel Benitez, John Palmer, Kim Newsome, Sarah Kertcher, and Toni Fox. Congratulations to all new (and returning) councillors!

To find out more about council activities, find specific policies, take the latest online survey, and more, bookmark the AUSU site and check in often.