Click of the Wrist – Fast Food

Whether It’s a hamburger, fries, or pizza, fast food is more controversial than ever. Some are addicted to it, others wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, and recent books and movies point out its health and environmental dangers. This week, we take a look at that calorie-laden modern comfort: fast food.

Fast Food Cakes

If you want to have your cake and eat your fast food too, these creations might be just the thing. As this slideshow explains, cake designer Debbie Goard ?sculpts cakes and sweet treats to look like fast foods and other savoury snacks.? Her company name? Debbie Does Cakes.

Fast Food Ads Meet Reality

There’s no end of commercials and print ads that make viewers crave the tempting foods on display. But if you’ve ever brought home a pizza stuck to the lid of the box, you’ll know commercials can be better than the real thing. This site offers comparison photos of ads vs. reality for some of the most popular fast foods.

Dirty Dining

This MSNBC Dateline report reveals some of the less savoury aspects of fast food, including the unappetizing sight of someone else’s chewing gum embedded in a taco. You can read the report on the site or just click on the video link to watch.

Fast Food Toy Ban

You might fondly remember those little plastic toys in your hamburger combo meal (or have kids that go crazy for them), but not everyone is in favour of them. This ABC video details the efforts of one Santa Clara County lawmaker who will introduce legislation ?to stop restaurants from handing out toys with fast food menu items geared toward children.?