Click of the Wrist – Highly Engaging

Recently, a university college valedictorian proposed to her boyfriend onstage at the graduation ceremony. He accepted, and as these links show, engagements and proposals can sometimes take as much planning as the big day.

Longest Engagement

If you’ve been waiting months for that special someone to pop the question, don’t feel bad. When Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez were engaged in Mexico in 1902, they were both 15. The happy couple eventually did get married?67 years later.

Disneyland Proposal

Clearly, the young man in this video has a lot of connections at Disneyland (since he met his girlfriend there, It’s a good bet he may have been an employee). Either way, this is one of the best choreographed proposals ever. you’d have to be Grumpy not to smile.

Most Extreme Wedding Proposals

A proposal on a giant scoreboard at the ball game is nice, but how about on a plane simulating zero gravity? Or after your boyfriend sets himself on fire and dives into a pool? No? Maybe you prefer the old-fashioned approach of proposing while skydiving. This list of actual proposals includes all of those?and more.

Geekiest Wedding Proposals

No, not geeky in a bad way. Geeky as in this site’s ?geek-hearts go out to those of us out there brave enough to propose through video games, cell phones and websites.?