Click of the Wrist – Cave Divers

Whether You’re hunting for pirate treasure or bats or just plain adventure, caves are enduring places of mystery. But if regular caves are exciting, how about underwater caves? This week’s links take you deep into the watery shadows and the amazing world of cave divers.

A Cave Diver Story

This astonishing footage is from the documentary A Cave Diver Story?and what a story it is. The pit, as It’s known, is 400 feet deep and contains many tunnels and caverns. In this segment, viewers follow Steve Bogaerts on a 10-hour dive through some of the most incredible sights on the planet.

Power of the Planet

This BBC clip doesn’t just offer a glimpse of the fascinating world of underwater caves. It also reveals ?a spectacular hidden world? that ?tells the story of the colossal meteor strike 65 million years ago that created them and thereby triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs.?

Cave Diving in Mexico

It isn’t clear what film this clip is from, but it really doesn’t matter. As exciting as cave diving seems, It’s not a sport for the reckless. This footage demonstrates both the beauty and danger involved.

Ice Formations

These remarkable photos of undersea ice in Lake Sassolo, Switzerland, give a whole new perspective of cave diving. And although these massive ice formations aren’t caves in the truest sense, it probably wouldn’t take much to get lost below them.

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