Click of the Wrist – Animal Rescues

It happens every spring and this year is no exception: rescue workers have already been busy dealing with bears, deer, and other wild creatures roaming around urban areas. This week, we take a look at the drama and danger involved in animal rescues?whether they’re wild or domestic.

Dog Rescuer

In this dramatic footage, an injured dog is rescued from a busy highway in Santiago, Chile. But it wasn’t a passing driver that helped out; it was another dog, one that actually used his paws for leverage to drag his fellow canine out of danger. Caution: this video might be disturbing for small children.

Five Amazing Rescues

From horses trapped on an island in the Netherlands, to a tiny cairn terrier paddling a mile offshore in the North Sea, these five animal rescue stories show there’s no shortage of predicaments animals can get into?or humans willing to help them out.

Polar Bear Rescue

Most of the time, we imagine polar bears roaming on giant ice floes or frolicking with their cubs in the snow. So this young female looks distinctly out of place perched on a rocky cliff above the ocean. This dramatic rescue had a few tense moments but it all worked out fine in the end.


When disasters strike, It’s understandable that most of the coverage is focused on the welfare of the people affected. But along with people come their pets, and thousands of helpless animals are often left behind, injured or else abandoned in homes without food or water. Since the lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina, an organization called Muttshack is working to change that.