Click of the Wrist – Finish Line

Sometimes, earning a university degree can seem like an impossible goal to reach. But there are plenty of other long, gruelling roads to success?and some of them make essays and exams look positively enjoyable. This week, we take a look at some of the world’s hard-to-reach finish lines.

Great Indian Desert Run

Held in the Thar desert in Rajasthan (the largest desert of the Indian subcontinent), this event is ?a footrace of 250 km to be run in 6 stages spread over 6 days.? Participants cover trails between ?25-65 kms a day through desert terrain including dunes and flat arid dry lands.? But don’t worry?you’ll find ?camping tents to rest in? at the end of each day.

Longest Foot Race in the World

It’s one thing to drive from New York to Los Angeles?but how about running the same distance? That’s the challenge for competitors in the 3,100-mile Self-Transcendence Race, the world’s longest certified road race. All you need is 10,000 calories a day, between 10 and 20 pairs of running shoes, and a whole lot of determination.

The View from Mount Everest

If You’re looking for iconic achievements, it doesn’t get much more challenging than Mount Everest. And although most people will never reach the summit, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a panoramic view. This interactive panorama was photographed by Australian photographer and mountaineer Roderick Mackenzie. What a view.

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