Click of the Wrist – World Cup

Soccer, football, or any name you call it: World Cup mania is reaching all corners of the globe. With the quarter- and semi-finals beginning shortly, It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. This week’s links take us from the history of soccer to the present day, and give us a glimpse of the future of the game.

Name of the Game

Ever wondered why North Americans call it soccer, but most of the rest of the world refers to it as football? And where do American football (think Super Bowl) and rugby fit in? This article explains the origins of the names and games.


If the rules governing offside violations have you confused, the FIFA staff has created an interactive guide that fully explains how Offside Law 11 works. Using animation, it simplifies the controversial and complex rule. Now, you’ll finally understand why that one player received an offence and the other did not!

All About Location

If You’re more interested in cultural studies than in the mechanics of soccer, the BBC’s interactive guide to the 2010 World Cup venues is sure to fascinate. Readers can learn the history behind the South African stadiums where their favourite teams have been playing this summer.

Super Ball

Whoever told you science and sports couldn’t mix hadn’t heard about Taiwan-based company Greendix’s solar-powered ?smart? soccer ball. The ball’s solar panels power motion sensors and audio signal emitters. It’s technologically mind-blowing, but the future possibilities are even better: the ball’s audio features could open up the game to the visually impaired.